✍️ You write or publish articles on exciting, maybe even difficult topics and need expressive images to illustrate the content?
You have a fine product and require that certain visual extra to set the stage for it?
You want to get your cause across to your key audience and wish to spice up your advertising materials and channels with crisp visuals?

Well then, I have some good news:
I can certainly help you with that!

And who am I?

I’m Viktoria – known to most as Vika – a freelance illustrator and creative mind based in the German capital, Berlin. From an early age, as a rather quiet child, I saw art as an outlet for my voice and passions, and have used a variety of methods over the years to convey these: While I consider the Internet to be a massively under-regulated space, it’s also full of potential to bring heartfelt topics to a large audience. And when these topics are effectively illustrated, they are perceived as significantly more meaningful and appealing.

I burn for creating this connection between message and people, and to transform topics, products, services, … in a unique way.

Intrigued? What I can offer you, among other things, is:

Marketing Illustrations for social media, websites, newsletters, flyers, … to convey your message effectively and visually.

Product Illustrations
to breathe life into your brand in a unique way and provide it with visual context.

Editorial illustrations for print and online magazines to complement written content optimally.

Portrait illustrations of yourself, your loved ones, or for projects that require some visual representation of involved people.

We are an ideal match if you…

are a social entrepreneur, publisher or business
dedicated to empowering marginalised groups, advancing equality, and/or protecting the environment. 

strive towards conveying your vision in a meaningful way
through your website, social media, newsletter, or magazine.

understand the value of unique and empowering art
and want to incorporate it into your communication strategy.

Are you interested in talking about a project with me?