Hey there ♥️

I am really happy to see you here! My name is Vika, I am a freelance illustrator and digital marketing specialist.

As a rather introverted personality, I have found refuge in creative activities and expressing my voice and beliefs through art since a very young age. And through the internet and especially social media, I have found a powerful vehicle for spreading my works and messages into the world. 

Alongside art, I was always fascinated by languages and other cultures, as well as by (new) technologies. That’s why I decided to study International Information Management (Bachelor of Arts) and subsequently Human-Computer Interaction (MSc) in the UK.

These experiences then led me to work as a UX and marketing expert for various companies for 8+ years – mostly in the tech industry: From multi-national companies, to agile startups, to NGOs, to creative magazines. Since the beginning of 2020, you can also find me sharing my art, which revolves around themes such as sustainability, social justice and feminism, on Instagram via @oh_ey_sis.

Should you now be interested in my services, I can offer you:

Marketing Illustrations for social media, website, newsletter, flyer, … needs to convey your message effectively and visually.

Product Illustrations
to breathe life into your brand in a unique way and give it context.

Editorial illustrations for print and online magazines to complement written content optimally.

Social Media Services including cross-channel strategy planning and execution – with a focus on Instagram.

We are an ideal match if you…

are a social entrepreneur, publisher or business
dedicated to empowering marginalised groups, advancing equality, and/or protecting the environment. 

strive towards conveying your vision in a meaningful way
through your website, social media, newsletters, or magazines.

understand the value of unique and empowering art
and want to incorporate it into your communication strategy.

Are you interested in talking about a project with me?