Cover Design for Drawtober, hosted by Matabooks and Skullpaper

In the art world, October is traditionally one of the most creative months of the year and many challenges are organised to mark the occasion. This year, vegan publisher Matabooks teamed up with online creative products market Skullpaper to launch “Drawtober“.

As part of Drawtober, held from 1 Oct to 31 Oct 2021, the two approached various art creators to have Matabooks’ blank calendar Samaya “Easy M” 2022 designed in various styles using Skullpaper’s blackliner set and then raffled off within the different communities.

Now how did I come up with my design?

“You’ve changed”, an often negative phrase, is usually thrown at you when you grow out of relationships or expectations, or start to express yourself more genuinely, more authentically. Which is why I would like to change this negative perspective of this beautiful process. I rather find that you, we are evolving back to our core self, rather than changing ourselves. And that is exactly what I wish for to happen in 2022; that we can all together proclaim that we have found back to ourselves.

Matabooks, October 2021