Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Instead of buying (too many) things we don’t need, we should aim at settling on fewer but high quality sustainable products .

Instead of throwing away things that have holes, for instance, don’t function right away as expected, or are just not as enjoyable anymore, we should try fixing them or selling them first – there’s always someone that will like what we don’t anymore – or donate to those in need.

Instead of mindlessly throwing away everything in one bin, we should aspire at educating ourselves on what trash belongs where, so that a little bit of recycling action can be done.

We live in a capitalist system that profits from us buying new things every new season – with seasons being as short as two weeks. Clothes that don’t get sold, for instance, often are burned right away – same goes for the returned (fast fashion) clothes. While the people, often women and children, that actually put them together, are paid not even a minimum wage and barely survive with their salary – oftentimes even die in work-related accidents or from long-term consequences on health.

While it’s not entirely on the consumer alone to rethink their actions, it’s at least a start. And if enough people change their behavior, the market will follow. However: Many brands are currently jumping on the waggon of sustainability and greenwash consumers into thinking they’ve changed their actions. Ergo – it’s important to also educate ourselves on the brand we’re purchasing from.

I created this drawing for Our Planet Week in March 2021, a social media illustration event that focuses on the environment and all about what we can do to help Our Planet and all its beauty we want to preserve.

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