Illustrations for a series of articles for Qiio Mag

Civil disobedience deliberately breaks rules in order to protest against prevailing law – and, with a bit of luck, to bring about a (more) moral society. This radical form of protest has proven its effectiveness since the mid-19th century and has given many a movement the necessary emphasis. But when exactly is deliberate rule-breaking justified, […]

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Illustration for Qiio Magazine on Sports Washing of the World Cup in Qatar

While sportswashing is a relatively new term, the practice of using sporting events as image campaigns can be traced back to ancient Greece. Today, the World Cup in Qatar is generally regarded as “bought”. However, this hardly comes as a surprise to the most sports scientists: After all, according to experts, corruption is a structural […]

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Cover Design for Drawtober, hosted by matabooks® and Royal Talens

Continuing last year’s tradition, vegan publisher matabooks teamed up with Royal Talens to launch another round of the “Drawtober“ challenge. As part of Drawtober, held from 1 Oct to 31 Oct 2022, the two approached various art creators to have matabooks’ blank calendar Samaya “Easy M” 2023 designed in various styles using Royal Talens’ acrylic […]

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Illustrated Photograph for the MadWomxn Magazine

Motherland – In this issue, all creatives delve deep into what Motherland means to them, connecting to their innermost vulnerable selves. Womxn from around the world have come together in this issue to educate us on their culture and heritage. Teaching us about the beauty but also the conflicting feelings that come too. Expressing their […]

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“Vulvaya” Cover Illustration for Matabooks

Matabooks is a young independent publishing house from Dresden that produces vegan products made from grass paper – including beautiful notebooks. To kick off 2021, they’ve come up with something very special: A notebook collection that revolves around the theme of womens’ empowerment. With the notebooks in this collection, Matabooks wants to showcase and celebrate the […]

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